The Dillard University Cheer Devils hosted over 200 young cheerleaders in a cheer clinic.
The Dillard University Cheer Devils hosted over 200 young cheerleaders in a cheer clinic.
Cheerleaders - Thu, Oct. 20, 2016
Final - Volleyball12345F
Philander Smith (Ark.)152123000
Dillard University252525003
Philander Smith (Ark.)Indv. LeadersDillard University
#6 Autumn Trimble - 9Kills #9 Corneisja Harrison - 13
#14 Regine Simmons - 2Blocks 2 Players (#12,#13) - 3
#8 Kendal Savarino - 20Digs #6 Demetria Horton - 24
2 Players (#1,#6) - 1Aces 2 Players (#6,#7) - 3
Philander Smith (Ark.)Team StatisticsDillard University
0.104Hitting %: 0.093
6.0Blocks: 13.5
43Digs: 67
2Aces: 7

(New Orleans) The Cheer Devils, Dillard University's cheerleading team, hosted a cheer camp in conjunction with the New Orleans Recreation Development Commission and SWAAG (Something Wonderful about an Athletic Girl). Over 200 local cheerleaders from various schools participated in the free clinic. Each individual cheerleader was later granted free access to the Battle of @hiphopprez (Old School vs. New School) when Dillard faced Philander Smith in a volleyball game later that afternoon at the Battlefield in Dent Hall.

Shortly following the camp, Dillard head cheer coach Donnika Hess reflected back to her time spent as a Dillard University cheerleader.

"When I was a Cheer Devil at Dillard, we never had a group this large or ever reached this many cheerleaders at one time. This is something I hope to continue during my time here at Dillard University."

When asked how the opportunity was brought to her and her cheer team, Hess smiled.

"They wanted an older team with experience to help the young girls develop skills, and who better than Dillard to show them the way," said Hess. They learned the proper way to do motions and also learned two cheers and a dance. The girls learned to come together and learned the true meaning of sportsmanship instead of competing against one another like you might see in a usual cheer setting. It was amazing to see two hundred plus cheerleaders at Dillard University. Cheer isn't that big in the black community so it was wonderful to see all the girls come together to make one solid cheer squad. I think my Cheer Devils enjoyed the experience to being mentors to younger future Cheer Devils. We just wanted the kids to know that cheer teaches you how to be positive in any situation."

As for the cheer captain, she felt the experience benefited her team in more ways than one.

"I think the cheer clinic was a good experience for Dillard and the Cheer Devils," said Dillard University head cheer captain Kayla Banks (JR/Houston, Texas). "We had a great time working with all the future Cheer Devils, and would love for them to come back. For them to come to Dillard made us feel special and honored and being able to give to the community always warms my heart."


Schools that attended the cheer clinic are as follows:

  • Behrman Eagles
  • Bodenger Jaguars
  • Conrad Cougars
  • Cut-Off Lady Warriors
  • Goretti Saints
  • Joe Brown Spartans
  • Lyons Recreation Center
  • McCue Eagles
  • Norman Wildcats
  • Pontchartrain Patriots
  • Willie Hall Panthers