DU cheerleaders pose with Juana Green, head cheerleader coach.
DU cheerleaders pose with Juana Green, head cheerleader coach.
Cheerleaders - Wed, Sep. 12, 2012

The Dillard University cheer squad, along with head cheerleader coach Juana Green, recently spoke and demonstrated at the New Orleans Recreation Development Commission (NORDC) annual cheerleader coaches' clinic.  Norbert Rome Jr., assistant coach for the Lady Bleu Devils basketball team, was the keynote speaker and gave the keynote address for the evening, where he spoke about demeanor, character and role, and the purpose of a youth athletic coach.


"Coach Ernest Foster who is Athletic Director for NORDC invited us to speak to the youth coaches and do a demonstration," said Green.  "We agreed because this gave our girls some good exposure, and also gave them good experience." 

Green discussed how this even not only helped the various youth coaches in attendance, but also enhanced her cheer squad as well.

"This event benefited our cheer team because it gave us a chance to network with all the coaches and also gave my girls a chance to help out the youth cheer squads in the future with choreographing and helping the youth coaches and teams prepare for upcoming competitions."

Green's previous occupation was a safety officer and was honored to have a chance to speak to the youth coaches about a different aspect of cheerleading.

"I have a safety background, and I also specialize in safety/risk management and liabilities, so I spoke about the fundamentals of cheerleading as well as having an emergency plan, and I made sure that the youth coaches were aware of personal of civil suits that may come up as a result of not being prepared.  I also wanted to dismiss a common misconception amongst potential cheer coaches; you don't have to be a cheerleader to coach cheerleading."

At that moment, a man in the crowd stood up and stated, "Then why do you have a cheerleading uniform on the wall at home?"

The man turned out to be Green's father.  The crowd had burst into laughter.

"When I saw that my dad came to the clinic, that was the highlight of the night for me," said Green.  "The reason my dad is so instrumental is because he was a NORDC coach in the 70's and my brothers played football under him, so thanks to my parents, I was a "cheerleader" for my dad's team from ages three to seven."